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We offer customizable boxes, perfect for gifts!

Most objects in orders will be handmade, and beautifully crafted with you in mind.

We strive to hit marks and make your gift ideas come true.

Some of our previous works include:

  • Favorite Line or Name on Box

    • "Disftruta Cabrona! Te lo mereces! XOXO"

    • "Jessica"

    • "To the baddest bitch.... ME!"

  • Flower Garden

    • A basket of flowers that reveals lashes when opened.

  • Name on Lashbook

    • "Karina"

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Please enjoy some of our TikToks displaying some of our work.


-Customization is only available when paired with lashes. Lashes must be purchased to qualify.

-Pricing depends on request.

-Turnaround time depends on the order type.

-Most objects in orders will be handmade.

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